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Looking for qualified plumbers to fix your plumbing problems? Our team is well trained and have fixed many commercial plumbing problems.


Having leaking pips, floor trap blockage or toilet flush problems? We have more than 10 over years of experience in fixing common household plumbing problems for HDB, Condo and private housing in Singapore. 


Plumbing problems happened in your warehouse, light / heavy industrial  building or specialized building? Don't worry, we have it all under control. 

Common Plumbing Problems:

Do you have the following problem? We often see it in HDB, Codo, private housing or even office -- we can help!

Water Heater

No hot water, hot water become colder after a while, low water pressure from shower, pipes leaking, water tank leaking, producing “rumbling” sound in water tank and faulty power switch that fails to power up water heater (very common on HDB).

Toilet Bowl

‘Phantom Flushes’ where it refills spontaneously as if someone has just flushed it; ‘hissing’ sound coming from tank; ‘weak flush’ where the bowl empties slowly; clogged toilet also known as slow drainers and leaky seals where water leaks from the bottom or top.

Water Pipe

Water coming out from pipes by drip or bust. Leaking problems are less common in HDB and Condo, but more so in private housing in Singapore where the areas are old. Water leaks are usually the result of cracked pipes and loosed fitting. Depending on the magnitude of bust it can cause harm to human and property.

Floor Trap

Water unable to flow down the floor trap due to blockage caused by solid matter and/or grease. Foul smell (less common) may occur if foreign particles are trapped in the floor trap.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

Clogged kitchen sink is another household problem. It is often caused by food waste, solids, and cooking oils that accumulated over time. Bathroom sink choke or slow-draining sink are rarer but can happen if it is not taken with care. Common causes are hair residues, toilet paper and the mixture of soap scum, body oils, cosmetics and dead skin cells which over time congeals and harden inside the drain.

Tap / Faucet

Water dripping from your tap or faucet even when the tap is closed. Some common causes are: ‘O ring’ loose or wear out, damaged valve seats, loose parts, worn out seals or even improper installation.

Conceal Pipe

Pipe leaking can occur within the wall and since it is not visible, repair works can be both costly and troublesome. As plumbers are required to estimate the right area to hack the wall in order to gain sight of the leaking pipe before any repair works can be done. Once fixed, homeowners would have to re-conceal the damaged wall.

Do you have the above problems? Call XXXX XXXX to have our plumbers head down to take a look or click here to check out our plumbing services.

Why Us?

When you get in touch with our plumbers, you can trust that any plumbing issue in Singapore you might have is in good hands. We strive to provide our customers with an exemplary service each and every time.

We offer competitive prices, conduct a thorough repair or replacement service, provide extraordinary customer service, and always go the extra mile to ensure our clients feel properly cared for.

When you call on our team of plumbers to do a job, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of in a timely manner and it will be done correctly the very first time.

  1. Free Quotation
  2. Warranty on repair work undertaken by us
  3. Prompt and Reliable services
  4. Licensed Plumber Services
  5. Receipt on Repair Work
  6. Experience plumbers
  7. open and fair pricing

Why Choose Us?

Simply because our xxxx:

  • Have more than 30 years of experience helping thousands of happy customers with their relocation needs within Singapore
  • Are reliable and affordable
  • Pride themselves for having well trained staff
  • Take pride in delivering the best moving experience possible, given each client’s budget and needs

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